Times are very strange, and the Corona virus has scared the living daylights out of us. We are getting more and more unsocial. Even if we are trying to live as normal as possible, it is unpredictable times where we have lost control and freedom. We, the lucky ones living in countries with social security and a certain guarantee that we will not be homeless, starving or without medical care even if this goes on for a long time – should count our blessings.


The extreme global changes in lifestyle has happened suddenly! It takes time to adjust in both body and mind. We have less skin contact, hugging and embracing is no-no (except in close relationships). Handshakes, claps on the shoulder, a caressing stroke – all these small physical gestures that confirm that we are alive – gone… People who live in families close to each other are not suffering from lack of contact, they are probably getting overdoses and miss me-time, but people living alone, can experience a serious loss of human contact. Of touch, of nearness – of physical confirmation that they exist.


It is not only old people living alone who are getting problems, feeling deprived and getting depressed. It is also a lot of single people in all age groups. Singles who are used to have their social life studying or working – with a social life connected to it. When they have to study or work online, their social network is drastically cut off. And quite a few get more and more our of touch with the world outside their home.

I have heard from several friends that something strange happens when you are limited to stay at home for a while. It quickly becomes a habit! They say that they get socially more lazy, and are less likely to get out of the house, even when restrictions are lifted. They are still in a kind of mental quarantine – and getting more suspicious of other people, gatherings and crowds. Why?


7-24 we hear about rising death tolls all over the world. Lack of hospital beds. Lack of health workers. Doctors and nurses having to work even when they get sick themselves. OK, it is a world wide pandemic. It hits very old people and people with a medical history particularly hard. Younger people in normal health are mainly ok, but the transmit the virus to the weaker groups. How wise it is to close the whole world in the most gigantic social experiment of all times? Nobody knows, and in the wisdom of afterthoughts it will be judged if the cost was worth the result….


A lot get more and more “housebound” because they are afraid of getting the virus, and they set up subconscious mental barriers! Barriers that are getting higher and higher the more they are focusing on the deadly aspects of the pandemic and the horrible faith of the poor victims ending up on oxygen before dying alone in a hospital bed. This is probably a far greater health risk than the virus. It can give lasting mental problems and depressions.


This time with serious limits, physically and mentally, can actually be a blessing in disguise when it comes to health. You can actually decide to be the “master” of yourself and use all the extra time you have on your hands to improve your lifestyle. This will give you better health, better resistance to the virus as well as a multitude of life style diseases. You can change and improve so much that you will come out of the pandemic as a stronger, healthier, happier person.


How? I have written down 10 points that I think is really important to kick yourself into action.

1.Healthy, slimming eating habits: Reducing fat, sugar, processed foods, foods with additives! Add much more vegetables and fruits/ berries to all your meals to be enough roughage, vitamins and minerals.

2.Daily fitness regime is a life saver as well as giving you a natural high when endorphins are produced. Youtube has all kinds for yoga, stretching, fitness programs for everybody – all ages, all fitness levels – and it is fantastic and free. Find what suits your mind, body and makes it fun!!

3.Get rid of everything in your house that you do not need. Take one room at the time – and take everything out, sort it in tree heaps: Keep, give away, throw away.Clean, sort out and put/ hang things back in super order. It will make you feel fantastic!!!

4.Sort out books, magazines, papers and all he things that tend to be put away – but never looked at.. Get rid of it, get space in your closets – and feel free.

5.If you are out of work because of the pandemic, you must rethink! Don´t get depressed, but think about what you “never” had time to to. It can be studying online for something you are yearning for. It can be online perfection classes in the field you are already in, but where extra qualifications will make you more valuable in the job market. It might be that you have a secret wish to be an artist, so why not try and follow some online course – just to make you release your inner potentials?

6.If your flat (or house) looks drab or boring – and you have not been able to afford painters and people to fix it up for you, now is the time to be your own decorator. Make a plan, a colour scheme, a budget, and take one room at the time. It is fantastic what a coat of paint, new curtains and cushions, some flowers, green plants, bric-a-brac from the flea markets or second hand store can give you a fantastic home for very little money.

7.Write a diary/ journal. When it is a lot of frustrations and problems, and we feel we lose control of our destiny – it literally muddles our brains and make us feel more and more like victims of forces we cannot control. The negative thoughts are buzzing around like flies in our brains, giving no peace. If you let it all out – and write down the fears, frustrations as well as your hopes and dreams – it will make you feel so much better. I promise you: It is a safety valve for releasing negative feelings, and it will make you more balanced and problem solving.

8.You must keep in close touch with your family, friends and normal network by sending messages, mails, arrange FaceTime chats and share your lives, experiences and feelings. Have a glass of wine and a meal together online instead of going out. Just try to keep your spirits up (it strengthens your immune defence).

9.Have a daily activity plan – as well as plans for what you want to do. Thinking, planning, structuring and writing it down make a great difference to your life. You move from being in limbo to being in charge of your life. I will make you feel a winner instead of a sorry victim.

10.Welcome each day as a gift from the universe. Be grateful for all the good things in your life – and stop focusing on the bad. If you have a roof over your head, if you have food and water, if you are living in a safe and free country – you are lucky, so appreciate it.

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Eva Sundene
Eva Sundene
I am Eva Sundene, Norwegian writer, and I have worked my whole life with lifestyle information for women who want to look and feel their best. When I retired, I moved to beautiful Fuerteventura in the Canaries, Spain.

Now I focus on writing blogs and books about everything that can keep us young and vibrant. I hope you will follow me.

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