Eat Good


This is a great diet to start with, and I recommend it for the first week on your NewYou plan. It is diuretic and cleansing for the body, and it is really easy to follow. This plan is also great for regular detox, after a weekend – if you feel bloated, or just feel the …

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You are what you eat

AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY This old saying has a lot of truth in it. We need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. It is filling, it has lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals that are extremely important for your health, immune system, as well as for your skin, body …

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Loose fat & loose it fast!

HAVE YOU BEEN DIETING YOURSELF FAT? So many people are trying to loose weight without sucess. Many women have been on diets more or less their whole life, and they still struggle. Why? They have mainly been focusing on calory restricted diets, and often diets that severely lacks the nutrients needed for building and repairing …

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