This is a great diet to start with, and I recommend it for the first week on your NewYou plan. It is diuretic and cleansing for the body, and it is really easy to follow. This plan is also great for regular detox, after a weekend – if you feel bloated, or just feel the need to eat light.


1 big glass of diluted Lime Juice or Lemon Juice (lukewarm – not ice-cold please)

1 tsp olive oil


1 hardboiled egg

1 full grain crisp bread

1 grated carrot with freshly pressed orange juice

½ grapefruit (can be grilled If you like hot food)

Coffee or tea (with hot milk if you prefer it)


1 big cup of peppermint tea with a touch of honey

½ apple cut in thin slices


Green salad, any kind, as much as you like

Cut and mix 1 hardboiled egg and 2 tomatoes in the salad

Lemon juice with a little Stevia to sweeten it – as dressing

½ grapefruit

1 crisp bread with ½ banana

Tea or coffee (with milk if you prefer it)


1 big slice of melon or 1 orange

1 cup of hibiscus tea (or other kind of fruit tea)


You have 3 main choices. The first one is vegetarian. It is based on all kinds of different vegetables.

The second one is based on fish and seafood, and the third one is based on chicken.

Because all the ingredients are in a stew or a wok, it contains all the valuable nutrients that are usually just going down the drain when you drain the vegetables.

This way your body will get filled to the brim with minerals, vitamins and valuable roughage that cleanse and restore your body.


You can gradually be more creative in the kitchen and make lots of your own specialities with different variations in taste and texture.

But, to start with, my best advice is to keep it rather simple – and get used to this lean and healthy way of cooking.


The base for all the casseroles is pure vegetable stock (cubes or powder), water and the ingredients cut into cubes and slices. Add some sea salt, pepper, and the spices that you prefer. Garlic is super healthy, and great in all the different casseroles. If you prefer a thicker, gravy like base, you can use corn flour to make it extra yummy.


You cut all the ingredients into thin sticks, small cubes etc. The shape will actually different mouth feeling and taste. Season the ingredients – and wok them in as little oil as possible. The veggies should just “kiss” the pan – and feel nice and a litt hard to chew. You can pour on some water, add a little soy sauce – and thicken it with maizena flour to make a yummy, creamy version.


Carrots, celery, kale, onions, leek, potatoes – and every other vegetable you can think of. Add lots of finely chopped parsley before serving.


Onions, potatoes, leek, and carrots are basic ingredients that go nicely with fish and seafood. Dill is great for that extra taste.


Corn, sweet red peppers, onions, leek, cauliflower, peas, green beans are very tasty ingredients that go well with fowl and meat. Add some basil or other green herbs if you like.

You can add more water to all the stews and turn them into delicious soups. Great for filling your stomach, prolong the meal – and give more variation.

You can also add and top every dish with different kinds of sprouts and fresh herbs – all according to your taste and creativity.


It is especially important to enjoy your meals, and the way you serve it is part of a way of living. Eating should be a pleasure for the eyes as well as your taste buds, and much more than just filling you up.

You should pamper yourself and eat in style – even if you live alone. Lots of us have beautiful china, silver, and glassware that we only use on special occasions.


Lots of us only bother to dress and make-up when we have company. This is actually quite a bleak and depressing way of living, and to be quite honest – it is an important aspect of self-respect to make an effort and get out of the passivity.

Why not make every day a special day, when you look good and feel good – just to give yourself the assurance that you are worth it…

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