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Life is strange now. It is like watching a Sci-Fi movie. Rather unreal… Watching the news now it is like watching pandemic horror movies where people die like flies, and nobody can do anything about it. Seriously, I still have problems with this being the world as it is now. Of course, I get the facts, I understand the numbers, the horrors – but it is still unreal.

From the optimistic start of 2020 to the current situation of the world, is really totally unreal. If somebody had predicted this before Christmas 2019, we would have said no-no-no, these are doomsday prediction from unbalanced people… A small virus from China ruling the globe, no-no-no… But unfortunately, yes, yes, yes…

You know, I was celebrating New Year in Marbella with my daughter and son in law, having a wonderful time with my loved ones. Sunshine, champagne and all the best things in life in the best places. Lucky us.

New Years Eve was celebrated in incredible style in a private villa, with all the gourmet luxuries expected on the top shelf of society. We were dressed up to the teeth, feeling beautiful and happy to be on the dessert shelf of life. It was a group of wonderful people, dynamic doers who have used their wealth of brains, compassion and money to to a lot of good in their local environments. And we all shared our dreams and plans for 2020. And we were all looking forward to making them come true.

I returned to my paradise island of Fuerteventura, one of the Spanish Canary Islands just off the coast of African Sahara. I had reckoned to take a trip to Norway to visit family and friends in February, and tickets and plans were in order. Travelling across the globe have been easy and cheap for several decade. Global freedom has been ours.


Virus alert! In Italy people were dying like flies. Hospitals overcrowded, desperate people, lack of protective equipment – global helplessness and total chaos to be honest. It has been, and still is, a challenge to the whole world. We know too little too late. And travel, not to be recommended as the borders re opening and shutting in tune with the rise of new cases.

But travel is important. Seeing new places, new cultures, learn about history, traditions – nature and people.

We have to travel down memory lane – and on the virtual explorer destination. Perhaps we realise that we don´t have to walk in a group after a guide with an umbrella (fighting off mosquitos and getting sore feet – and looking for a loo in the middle of now where). Perhaps armchair travel will get a new revival.

In my blog I have decided that Memory Travels will present exciting destinations and real-life happenings to you (and I will thoroughly enjoy the travels too. Now I have the time to savour everything from Royal Palace Balls in Vienna to Taj Mahal, meeting Deepak Chopra in Goa – to Bahamas and…. Well, I will dust it off and share with you.

Close your eyes, fasten your seatbelt and you are airborne in the realm of fantasy and memories of a lost world.

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Eva Sundene
Eva Sundene
I am Eva Sundene, Norwegian writer, and I have worked my whole life with lifestyle information for women who want to look and feel their best. When I retired, I moved to beautiful Fuerteventura in the Canaries, Spain.

Now I focus on writing blogs and books about everything that can keep us young and vibrant. I hope you will follow me.

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