I am so lucky to have found this wonderful island of Fuerteventura and made it my forever-home. I am so very happy that I had the guts to start a totally new life at the brink of my 70th birthday.


If you are true to your inner self, and dare to follow your dreams, it is a feeling of such intense happiness and utter freedom that it cannot be described. From I was a small child I always had an inner longing for exotic, sunny places. I felt that my roots, my soul – the ancient, everlasting ME did not belong in Norway.

Even if I loved my family, my home, the beautiful nature and the safety of Norway – I always had an inner longing to faraway places. I escaped to these exotic countries, ancient cultures and times long gone past – by reading, reading and reading. I was simply addicted to books, and I wrote long lists of where I was going to travel when I grew up. My bucket list was exotic, spanning from Egypt to India, from Jerusalem to Petra in Jordan – to Mesopotamia etc. etc.


I still have a few places left on my bucket list. But honestly, they are not important anymore. They are not pulling and dragging my soul. Why? Because I have found my roots, the place that I belong. The secret wish I have had since childhood was fulfilled: When I retire, I will move to a place where I really feel I belong. I knew I would find the place eventually, and I did. How? That is another story, of magic actually….


I have found the place where I belong. Of all places it was very unexpected… But it is home to me. This strange, volcanic island – just across the African coast and Sahara. It is Fuerteventura, the oldest of the Canary Islands, part of Spain. The island is famous for its fantastic beaches surrounding the whole island. Endless beaches with pure white coral sand, beaches with black lava stones – beaches with Sahara sand… Lagoons and grottos, amazing volcanic hills and mountains. When you drive around here, you can get the feeling of visiting another planet.


No wonder many films are made in these locations. Exodus is one of the major ones, as the flight from Egypt to the promised land looked absolutely real when they shot it in the desert here. Like Sinai in biblical times…

Star Wars use Fuerteventura as another planet, and lots of other movies are shot here. In November/December last year, Angelina Jolie and her children were here, and the whole Hollywood team stayed at our local Sheraton. They were acting like normal people, browsing in the local shops – going sightseeing, taking boat trips with other tourists – and blended in with very little fuss.


The Canary Islands are just off the coast to Sahara, and the temperature is comfortable all year round. Probably the best and healthiest climate in the world. If you long for sunshine during the dark and cold months of winter in Europe, this is a wonderful place to go – and get some sun to recharge your batteries. You can also enjoy driving round the island, finding your own little paradise beach, local fish restaurants or bars. Or you can hang on to guided tours and learn more about the colourful history of the island as well as the attractions today.

You will have an experience for life – I promise you 


 Normally it has been direct flights from most European countries to the Canaries. In these Corona times with borders opening and closing, and lots of air carriers out of business, the best is to search on the internet.

If you go to mainland Spain, there are always lots of cheap flights to the Canary Islands. I often fly to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, stay there a few days to enjoy the bustling capital and the famous Las Canteras Beach before I take a local flight home to Fuerteventura. You can also go island hopping if you use the ferries between the islands.

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Eva Sundene
Eva Sundene
I am Eva Sundene, Norwegian writer, and I have worked my whole life with lifestyle information for women who want to look and feel their best. When I retired, I moved to beautiful Fuerteventura in the Canaries, Spain.

Now I focus on writing blogs and books about everything that can keep us young and vibrant. I hope you will follow me.

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