Flying start with Detox

A HEALTHY BODY – A HEALTHY SOUL Lets take a good look inside your body and let us start with your complex plumbing system. Detox is all about cleaning and scrubbing out – and get rid of all garbage in your system. Your colon, the large intestine, is about 6 feet – 1.80 meter long, …

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Food, glorious food

 Food can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. The right foods in the right quantity – prepared the right way – are the best health and beauty source on this planet. The wrong foods in the wrong quantities can be sheer poison and ruin your health, your looks and you well being. The …

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Your wonderful body

You will probably disagree with me when I say you have a wonderful body! Most women look in the mirror (if they dare too) – and dislike or hate what they see. They see protruding stomach, sagging tits, flabby tights and wobbly bum, cellulite and ageing skin. All the tell tale signs of a life …

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