Be grateful for the gift of a new day. Cherish it. Start with a ritual: A big cup of hot water, pressed lemon- or lime and a touch of honey. Sip it slowly while you watch the sun rising slowly over the horizon (on heaven or in your imagination). Reflect and let your worries go.

Do a few simple stretches: Breathe deeply in through your nose, and and stretch one arm up, try to reach the ceiling – stretch and stretch. Breathe slowly out through pursed lips (like blowing out a candle). Empty yourself totally, then repeat with the other arm. As many times as you like.

You can sit or stand – just remember straight spine and neck, and low shoulders…

Then you fold your hands behind your back. Keep your arms straight, then you lift them as high as you can manage. Move them around, listen to your body. Lift them over your head, and move them backwards with straight elbows.

My little Joey is really good at yoga stretching. It is obviously totally natural response, and lots of yoga postures are actually replicas of these basic movements of nature. In the morning when he jumps down from my bed (after good morning massage of his little head, tummy and neck) – he does downward dog and several other stretches before he is racing down the stairs to get out into the garden. And racing back in, straight for his food and water bowls.


I used to bring him to yoga classes, and he enjoyed it very much. But, when we got to the meditation at the end – and the instructors put on Indian music, and talking us down to deep relaxation. Something obviously touched some basic cords in my Joey! He participated eagerly, too eagerly actually. He was howling softly with the music, absolutely in his own world…. The others were mesmerized and hardly managed to avoid laughing loudly at the innocent little guy transported to higher spheres… Result: I could not bring him any more.

But: At home he is doing stretches when I am doing yoga relaxation on my mat.
And of course: He stretches in the morning, and also when he has been snoozing on the sofa (he has a great capacity for sleeping. Dreaming about food, treats, cuddles and running I guess.)

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Big hugs from Eva & Joey

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Eva Sundene
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