First I want to wish you all a a happy & healthy New Year 2021. The Pandemic Corona Year 2020 is finally over, and we can see some light in the tunnel even if the virus is acting crazy all over the world. But, vaccine gives hope – and new ways of thinking and acting can also give us a better world, Small steps at the time, but perhaps we will be better at taking care of our nature, our resources, our fellow beings and our health and wellness.


Is is to be rich and famous? To be young and beautiful? To have a top management job? Or… Is is something else? Of course it feels good to be able to get what you want when you want it. But, lots of things cannot be bought. And often, the rich are afraid of losing their money and assets, losing their power and identity. The famous, as well as the beautiful are scared of losing their fame, their looks – and fade into oblivion. The top managers are afraid of getting outdated and losing against young, dynamic and hopeful ones….

The list “Afraid of losing” can go on and on and on. It creates stress, aggression, conflicts and it is the exact opposite of wellness. Because wellness is really Peace of Mind. It is harmony. It is balance.

Peace of Mind is a state that can only be reached if you are brave enough to analyse your own self. Don´t fool yourself, but be dead honest!! What are you really searching for in this life? What are the factors that makes you feel a flush of happiness, a sense of belonging, unity, unconditional love – and a feeling of total acceptance for who really you are. Not your packaging, but the content.

I don´t mean that you shall be a yogi, a hippie or go to la-la-land with the fairies. No, no, no. What I mean is: Be brave enough and honest enough to write down the most important things in you life. Some people find it easier to put down the things that worst to lose. Whatever you choose, write it down…
Without a healthy body and soul, your life gets limited. All the riches in the world are worth nada is you are lying in a bed connected to a ventilator, if you are filled with poison to cure cancer, if you have to get an organ transplant… To stay as healthy as possible, and to get a strong immune defence, a healthy and sensible lifestyle is the name of the game. It is sensible eating habits with as little prefab industrial foods as possible. It is getting a normal weight and fat percent, be fit enough to have normal lung capacity and muscle strength – it is to take care of yourself in a natural way.

Imagine hos life is seriously limited for millions of people suffering of more common complaints like arthritis, eczema,asthma, diabetes, hearth problems, obesity and other chronic condition that limits life quality and gives pain and suffering? Think about how lucky you are if you don´t suffer from any of these complaints.

Decide that 2021 is the year for focusing on getting the best health and be really fit for life. Make an effort for yourself – and get into the shape you need to be to live your life to the fullest. And count your blessings! Think about all the people around the world who have lost their nearest and dearest, families and friends in the horrible pandemic. We who are the survivors, should focus on healing the scars, staying strong and rebuild what we have lost – and make it better. Let us be grateful if we have most of the basic factors for wellness in our lives…. And let us help those inner community that are not so lucky. A little help can mean a lot.

1.You have enough food, water and fresh air
2.You have a roof over your head, you have a home
3.You have people who care about you – and people you care about
4.You feel healthy and able to work and take care of yourself and your family
5.You can afford medical help if you or your family get sick
6.You can see, hear, feel,touch – and have all your normal senses intact
7.You can sleep and relax, and meet each new day refreshed and full of hope
8.You can love and be loved
9.You can laugh and enjoy life
10.You can forgive and forget
11.You count your blessings, and remember gratitude each day
12.You are a problem solver – not a worrier…

What is your list of wellness?

Your list of Quality of Life?

Think, think, think – and be true to yourself. Meditation is a great tool for inner search and a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in our lives – and in the greater context.

I do appreciate your comments – and your sharing my posts. Big hugs from Eva

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Eva Sundene
Eva Sundene
I am Eva Sundene, Norwegian writer, and I have worked my whole life with lifestyle information for women who want to look and feel their best. When I retired, I moved to beautiful Fuerteventura in the Canaries, Spain.

Now I focus on writing blogs and books about everything that can keep us young and vibrant. I hope you will follow me.

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